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About Wild Calm Arts & Crafts

Native Irish Oak wood infused in the bogs of Ireland for thousands of years. Each pendant is unique and comes with cotton cord adjustable necklace. They create four styles: Slender, Oval, Chunky & Holey. Sizes are Up to 3″ (75 mm) long. Hand-carved in Inishowen, Donegal by Brendan Farren of Big Green Art & Big Green Weaving. Nurturing a lifestyle which honours the ancient and prepares for the potential, Brendan and Kathleen O’Hara Farren run this family business from their farm in Inishowen, Donegal. They enjoy planting new young oaks alongside the fruits and vegetables. Friends tell them that their Bog Oak Pendants really help them to ground and connect to the earth. Infusing the pendant with a natural fragrance oil also adds to the pleasurable experience.

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