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About Soap Hut

Soap Hut started two years ago by starting to make handmade soaps which are specifically for skin complaints such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. As well as the soaps they also make a conditioning shampoo bar. All the soaps are cruelty free with no palm oils used, with the exception of Bilbo Bar & Honeybee Bar they are all vegan. The packaging is all bio degradable and recyclable and there are several local outlets who supply the soap.

Some of the range includes Kates bar, an unscented bar for exfoliation and popular for skin complaints. Tilly Bar is an excellent multi-purpose household cleaner. Gruaig Ghlan is a conditioning shampoo bar. Madadh Bar a cleansing bar designed for dogs with neem oil to help prevent flees and ticks.

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