Project Description

About Linocut Studio

Based in Ramelton in county Donegal, Linocut Studio makes a beautiful collection of hand-printed linocut prints and greeting cards. Artist, Shleagh Dwyer, originally from London, takes her inspiration from her love of the natural environment and her designs are drawn from impressions of wildlife, landscapes and seascapes of Donegal.

Each piece from Linocut Studio is an original piece of artwork and Shelagh describes the process of linocut as a method of relief printing, similar to woodcut. She carves each design into the lino block and then applies ink to the surface with a roller. 100% acid free paper is then placed upon the inked block and the image is transferred by hand burnishing the back of the paper or passed through a hand press, giving an original piece of artwork.

All artwork is hand-printed using non-toxic inks and each print is available framed or mount-only ready-to-frame. Materials used for greeting cards come from sustainably managed forests or are recycled.

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