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About Inishowen Yoga

Designed to improve wellbeing though increased flexibility, better posture and a stronger mind body connection, join Odel Ward to practice online. The Inishowen based studio is now reaching students worldwide with virtual live and pre-recorded courses. Share the love of yoga with mobility, prenatal, breathwork or flow yoga courses. All classes are available to practice in your own time, in the comfort of your home and are physically accessible to all levels. Learn breathing techniques to deal with stress and anxiety and practice foundational yoga poses to reduce shoulder and back tension, strengthen weak areas and relax tight muscles. Improve your mobility and flexibility with this targeted training to reduce shoulder and back tension, relax stiff hips and reduce tightness in the legs. Join up and get 2 months access to pre recorded videos you can access in your own time and access to your instructor for consultation for only €30. #buydonegal

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