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About Diademadisara Design

Sara is a freelance art director & graphic designer, working for her own company

She moved to Ireland from Italy and remained for love. Sara was very lucky to grow up in a family of artists, who passed on to her their passion for Visual Arts, as her father is an international award winning professional photographer. After her Masters Art Degree at the Art Institute of Bergamo, she attended the European Institute of Design IED in Milan, where she achieved a Degree in Graphic Design and Web Design and also a Masters Degree in Art Direction.

She has over 16 years of experience as an Artistic Manager, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Illustrator, Magazine Designer and Photographer. She has worked in a variety of organizations as a manager, ranging from large corporations and as a freelancer for international companies.

In between her work commitments she loves to enjoy a coffee break and to unwind with her cat, and also enjoys working on her own illustrations and products such as postcards, cards, prints and posters. She loves experimenting with different digital techniques and using a lot of bright colours.

After living in Dublin, Sara and her partner Robert Vaughan, an irish artist,, decided to move to Co. Donegal, where they are working as creative freelancers, sharing their love for art, wildlife and traveling.

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