FAQs about #BuyDonegalWeekend

Do all of the businesses featured ship to my location?2020-10-06T21:59:55+00:00

The purpose of buydonegal.com is to act as an information hub for all of the businesses involved in #BuyDonegalWeekend, so people can see the range involved which is split by category and decide what products or services they wish to buy from the individual businesses. We are not selling on behalf of any of the businesses involved.

Whether or not they ship to your location depends on the individual business. You can find this out through their website (available through the BUY NOW button) or their contact information (email/telephone/social media links) featured on their page listing.

How much does it cost for businesses to get involved?2020-10-06T21:59:23+00:00

There is no charge for Donegal businesses to feature on buydonegal.com or take part in #BuyDonegalWeekend.

How do I keep up to date with information on BuyDonegalWeekend?2020-08-12T14:04:41+00:00

Check the website and our social media pages for latest content

What special offers are available over the weekend?2020-08-12T14:04:16+00:00

Once businesses have confirmed #BuyDonegalWeekend offers you can see them on our Special Offers Page

How do I know what Donegal businesses are involved?2020-08-12T14:03:39+00:00

You can view a list of participating businesses here

How can I get involved?2020-08-12T14:02:39+00:00

Simply purchase a Donegal brand, take a picture of your purchase and share through your preferred digital platform (Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn) using the #BuyDonegalWeekend handle.

When is #BuyDonegalWeekend?2020-08-12T14:02:22+00:00

#BuyDonegalWeekend takes place from Friday 6th – Sunday 8th November 2020

#BuyDonegalWeekend – How will it work?2020-08-12T14:01:55+00:00

In advance of the weekend this website and various social platforms will showcase a range of participating businesses with details on the product offerings and special offers available for consumers.

A comprehensive PR campaign will drive awareness for #BuyDonegalWeekend through media outlets, influencers and the businesses of Donegal.

On the weekend itself, the people of Donegal near and wide will all come together and show their support for Donegal businesses by purchasing a product or service and sharing an image on social media (Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn)

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